Mar 16 2023


12:40 pm - 1:00 pm

Xin Jin
INRS EMT, Varennes, QC

Postdoctoral Fellow (Prof. Razzari’s group)

Ph.D. in material science and energy, postdoctoral researcher at INRS-EMT, FRQNT (PBEEE-2015, B3X-2020) and Marie Curie (2022) fellowship laureate.

Title of the talk:

Photonic simulation in photocatalyst design

Abstract: In recent years, surface-plasmon-assisted photocatalysis has been broadly investigated for its promising applications in solar water splitting. Numerical simulations involving electromagnetic field analysis are convenient tools for designing and optimizing a photocatalytic system. For example, many studies use photonic simulations to modify the plasmonic geometry of nanoplasmonics to improve their performance. Moreover, using numerical tools, the speaker and his colleagues have found that visible-range transparent photocatalysts, such as titanium dioxide, can support “whispering gallery modes” to improve photocatalytic efficiency even further. With the development of more complex photocatalytic systems, photonic simulations have become essential participants in modern photocatalyst designs.